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Cohiba Robustos | Buy Cohiba Robustos cigar Near Me | Cohiba Robustos for sale 2023

Cohiba Robustos is a cigar that is made in Cuba. It is one of the flagship cigars of the Cohiba brand. The cigar is known for its full-bodied flavor and creamy, leathery smoke. The cigar has a hint of spice and cedar and delivers a smooth, full-flavored smoke. The cigar is also known for its overpriced, but this is due to the high quality of the tobacco used. The Cohiba Robustos is a great cigar to smoke on special occasions or when you want a luxurious smoking experience. Cohiba Robustos cigars

Details of Cohiba Robustos:

Cohiba Robustos cigars are some of the most popular cigars on the market. They were first released in 1989 and quickly became a flagship brand for Cuban cigar smokers. The cigars are produced at the famous El Laguito factory in Cuba and are available in three sizes: Lancero, Robusto, and Double Robusto. Cohiba cigars are known for their excellent flavor and quality, and the Robustos are no exception. The cigars are medium-bodied with a slight sweetness and a nutty flavor. They have a classic Cuban taste that is sure to please any smoker. The Cohiba Robustos cigar are available at various price points, depending on the size and age of the cigar.

cohiba robustos

cohiba robustos

Cigar Review: Cohiba Robustos

Cohiba Robusto is one of the most popular cigars on the market. It is a Cuban cigar known for its quality and distinct flavor. The cigar has a strong tobacco aroma and a delicate and smooth wrapper. It is also one of the most expensive cigars on the market, but many people say it is worth the price. I have never smoked a Cohiba Robusto, but I have heard good things about it from people who have. They say it is a very sophisticated cigar that has a great deal of flavor. I want to try one someday, but for now, I will enjoy reading reviews like this one.

How to spot fake Cohiba Robustos cigar

To spot a fake Cohiba Robusto, look for several things:

  1. The cigar should be perfectly round with no flat sides.
  2. The Cohiba logo should be on the cigar band and the foot of the cigar.
  3. The Cohiba Robusto should have a smooth, even wrapper with no visible veins.

You’re likely looking at a fake if you see any of these things.

Is Cohiba the best cigar?

Cohiba is one of the most popular Cuban cigars brands, and many believe they are the best cigars in the world. Habanos are renowned for their flavor, and Cohiba cigars are no exception. They are handmade from the finest tobacco leaves, and each is a premium quality cigar. Buying Cohiba cigars online is easy with us because we are a Habanos-certified retailer.

What does Cohiba Robusto taste like?

Cohiba Robusto is one of the best cigars you can ever smoke. It has an amazing balance of flavors, with a perfect burn and authentic ash. The experience of smoking this cigar is unlike any other, with a strong pepper flavor followed by floral notes. This cigar is best enjoyed after it has aged for at least six months, as this allows the flavors to develop and reach their peak.

What are the benefits of smoking a Cohiba Robusto?

The Cohiba Robusto is popular for smokers who want to enjoy a delicious, full-flavored cigar. This cigar provides a rich and satisfying smoking experience with plenty of flavors. The Cohiba Robusto is also a good choice for those who want to relax and take their time smoking a cigar.


Smoking Robusto cigars are a great way to enjoy a Cuban-style Maduro cigar with a rich flavor and strong aroma. Using a different Cohiba Robusto every time you smoke will allow you to experience different flavors and aromas that will make your experience unique. Use this cigar as a starting point for your cigar-smoking experience and get the perfect Cohiba Robusto Maduro for your needs.

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15 reviews for COHIBA ROBUSTO

  1. Clarence V

    Mild. A little sweetness,Easy smoke. Great value for the money.

  2. Haley

    This is a great daily smoke. Right price for 5 bucks and about a 35-45 minute smoke. Amazing convenience having them in individual tubes for quick and safe travel.
    Tastes great, very smooth, a little more mild than I’d like my Cubans to be, but definitely not a complaint.

  3. Didon v

    I mean, what better for my daily cigar with a scotch?

  4. Karmel

    mild, smooth, just lovely for anytime smoke, on Wishlist to get more!

  5. Mange

    Really good flavour, I had some chocolaty taste which was really nice

  6. Terence

    Bought 5 to try and I am very pleased with this cigar for the price.
    Arrived in almost perfect humidity
    Out of the package the tobacco Smells nice
    Very light smooth nice sweet flavour the whole way
    I wouldn’t say there anything special but for this price point I’d say it’s a great bang for your buck
    I think I Will stock up on these

  7. Carry Fon

    Amazing deliverance for the price! Smooth, impressive draw due to a great attention to the structure. The rich but gentile creamy flavor is present thru the whole sitting. The burning was even for an impressive pourcentage of the batch aquired. The pre-made hole is just the right size for a perfect airflow and very convenient. Paired very well with a smoky Ardbeg as much as with a more fruity scotch and as always, amazing with a rich coffe. For this price range this cigar will become my go to without a single doubt. Do yourself a favor a try it. Not praying for my own church here but it is an under-priced product

  8. Yaull

    A full bodied cigar, brimming with cedar and leather with a strong cocoa finish. A must have for any true cigar enthusiast.

  9. Kilo & Kevin Ryes

    Just smoke a stick with my bro. Me and him agreed on these points …

    Pro :

    ●Individual tubing.
    ●Taste a liltle like tribidad reyes
    ●Nice size, about 1hrs to smoke
    ●The price!

    Cons :

    ●The rapper is poor quality , very veiny.

    Finnaly, after considering all these points we conclude that we smoke alot of other new world brand that was not as good.

    We recommend!

  10. Homes

    Everyday cigar price point. Cuban tobacco but machine rolled. I always have a box or two on hand.

  11. Meekil Lunin

    Not a bad stick for the price. Very mild and a reasonable pick for a quick daily smoke if that’s your thing. I keep a bunch of these on hand for guests who are new to cigars and also for my winter smoke breaks outside.

  12. Carti Reno

    Worth the coin for a case. I have a bad habit of putting cigars in my pockets and sitting on them later, The individual protective tube has saved me more than one cigar so far.

  13. Kem34

    For the price this is a great cigar, vary affordable and a good smoke.

  14. Virginan

    Absolute garbage. Save your money. Spend it on a quality stick. These taste like cardboard. Far greater options on this site.

    Why are these getting love? The Cuban connection is name only. Highly overrated.

  15. Aben

    very mild cigar they burn good no cuter required ,and has a great taste quite an affordable price for a good Cuban

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