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Box of 25, 5 5/8 x 40


Due to its tube, this little romeo could very well be the perfect anytime cigar. It is smooth enough for the novice but does not disappoint the experienced smoker. julieta romeo cigars

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54 reviews for julieta romeo cigars

  1. Kuks

    I’ve enjoyed the Trinidad Reyes for several years- boxes and boxes of them. It’s one of the few Habanos, like Bolivar, that never seems to waver in flavor, draw, combustion, or construction. I would describe it as a strong, but flavorful, sweet cigar without any bitterness or sour aftertaste.

  2. Carlson T.

    One of my favorite sticks. Great flavor and aroma. Burns nicely. Can’t go wrong with this one!

  3. Palasio

    No complaints but Trinidad is just another cigar. Nothing stands out, but it is a good, though rather expensive treat.

  4. Tania Pen

    An awesome first experience, not too bad shipping, and worth the wait more orders will be coming soon.

  5. Tim Kroger

    This is my first time purchasing Trinidad. The cigar quality is very good while receiving. The taste is also perfect.

  6. Kathy W.

    Smokes really well for a young cigar. It’s a good 45 to 50-minute smoke if you take your time. Definitely ordering more boxes soon.

  7. Hala Nelson

    Excellent cigar one of my favorite cuban cigars and finest cuban cigars is the only place I buy from you guys are awesome

  8. Manuel Sierra

    I just bought 25 box after ordering 1 single cigar to test the quality and the condition of the cigar, and i gotta say its an amazing smoke! Smoked 5 cigars so far from the 25 box and all of them are great. its my favorite cigar to smoke these days. Highly recommend it if you wanna understand the Excellence of Cuban cigars.

  9. Cyrus Cann

    Fantastic cigar, smooth and tasty till the end.

  10. Solange

    Simply the best.

  11. Careen A.

    A hearty, beefy cigar with a fully symphony of tastes, aromas, flavours, each instrument played flawlessly and in harmony with the others. In other words, one of the best cigars in the world, unless maybe you smoke $100 and above cigars, which I don’t, so I can’t compare.

  12. Piro 99

    My favorite stick. Great flavor and aroma. Burns nicely. Can’t go wrong with this one!

  13. Kuks

    This is the second time I’ve ordered from you guys and I am not disappointed. Delicious smoke as well, best for those who like a good cigar but don’t have a great deal of time, only bad side is it didn’t burn evenly and started to fall apart in the last third.

  14. Kenna Jamie

    The only complaint was the ring size (diameter) was too small, aka too skinny. My fault.

  15. Kelson Fab

    Love these…they’re just the right size for a 30-45 minute smoke and make a great everyday cigar. Full flavored, not harsh, and burn evenly if properly stored. Although I’m writing this for the $5 discount coupon, I can happily report that Finest Cuban Cigars has never disappointed, always provided friendly and helpful service when needed, and stanRead more about review stating Bolivar Petit Coronad behind their products. They have proven worthy of my trust.

  16. Pascal Bins

    Very good cigar, great taste very mild for those relaxing moments. I received all in great packaging will definitely recommend Cigarchief to friends.

  17. Qena

    They arrived in perfect condition. They also had 2 years of age on them already which helps. Smooth earthy flavor. Perfect to start the day

  18. Cooling202

    A nice cigar on the power side of the strength level. Advanced smokers won’t have a problem with it. I’ve smoked a few hundred of these. Nice size, 45 minute burn time. Tastes are mixed to me. It packs a bit of a punch. Good Cigar, affordable, and very popular.

  19. Gyan

    Perfect medium body just the way I like it

  20. Azail

    This has been my go-to stick for years…I know, a petit.corona, but it is what it is! I’ve been into this for so long,it’s a no- brain grab out of my humidor. I just bought two boxes, and theyNEVER disappoint at all. Very full flavored, don’t let the size fool you! It’s a true
    Nose burner from foot to nub…it’s spice notes are tremendous, aRead more about review stating My first- go-to sticknd the kick is all there. I highly recommend it!

  21. Jerry Mai

    I bought a few of these based off the reviews here….I must say it was a great choice! A very tasty stick and I think I got lucky if not unusual in that my 5 cigars were boxed pressed – although I don’t think they intentionally come that way it sure made for a very unique look to my cigars being somewhat sqaure – loved it and will be buying more of these in the future!

  22. Susu9986

    I was a bit skeptical at first about the reviews as I usually prefer a larger cigar. True to word, the cigar does have a pronounced milk chocolate character. Subtle spiciness (cinnamon) comes out as the burn progresses. Toasted marshmallow notes also arrive in the last 1/2. Smooth throughout & thoroughly enjoyable to the very end. Burn was even from start to finish.

  23. Pikin Maron

    This is a nice smoke. As reviewers mentioned here, this has an exceptionally earthy notes with chocolatey aromas, somehow typical of Partagas. I’ve never had a cigar with this caliber that delivered such a consistent draw to the end. Lots of smoke from this stick. I recommend having it after breakfast with a cup of espresso coffee.

  24. Jimmy Gadon

    I placed my first order with Finest Cuban Cigars on March 1st … a box of Bolivar Petit Coronas. It shipped on March 2nd and arrived all the way from Zürich on March 10th! The cigar box was wrapped in plastic and packed nicely in the shipping box. All of my questions were answered in a timely fashion within 24 hours of my asking them too. You can’tRead more about review stating Finest Customer Service! beat that kind of service, so I placed my 2nd order on March 13th, although shipping times are slower now due to COVID-19. Just have patience and you won’t be disappointed. Jimmy G.

  25. Tramaking22

    I just finished this and went back to my order to see if I have more. This is a very enjoyable cigar. I will buy more. Super easy smoking, lovely, consistent draw throughout. Tremendous value.

  26. Hillary

    Just got my first box..Milk Chocolate Smooth,& Enjoyed the Smoke!

  27. Jacobson Kiden

    Just Got a Box..Milk Chocolate Smooth! Very Nice Easy Smoke!

  28. Kim Kanas

    Very good and smooth cigar. I had to smoke one to try it out. It has that sweet honey taste. I haven’t been smoking Cubans long but I’m enjoying them and buying lots of cigars from TCC and customer service is top-notch. My orders are always on time. thank you, TCC

  29. Mete R

    Enjoyable cigar.

  30. Sonny J.

    Tasty little treat. Great burn, flavor, and smoke output.

  31. Hillside NJ

    Fantastic cigar! Very enjoyable! very smooth easy smoke. No harshness.

  32. Tony

    Great cigars and great service. I will be ordering from yall again!

  33. Kimael997

    bought a box of 10 and 4 were rolled so tight they were rendered unsmokable. Very disappointing experience.

  34. Sylvan Esso

    the taste was amazing. however the fact that It was rolled so darn tight The draw was terrible. twice in a row this has happened. really ruined the experience.

  35. Piro

    It is my very first time to try Trinidad and I was certainly blown away. Package arrived in abt 2 weeks, well sealed and those gorgeous cigars were beautifully packaged in a wooden box. The cigars were fresh and I had this distinctive and pronounced earthly smell into them. They definitely preside among the ranks of top class cigars. Would buy agaRead more about review stating A signature aroma like no otherin without hesitation.

  36. Kelly Hunge

    Cigars arrived fresh and quickly. Everything arrived exactly as ordered and as expected.

  37. Rena

    Had concerns about the 2 week shipping and what shape the cigars would be in. The box had the seals cut but all the cigars were there and in relatively good shape. Just had to condition them in the humidor for 2-3 days and they were ready to go. Nobody can beat these prices and I’ve looked. My go to cigar for relaxing

  38. Blevins

    Delicious cigar..It’s a perfect 30 minute cigar & tasty right to the end

  39. Williams Freshmann

    Enjoyed this cigar.

  40. Lamarck3000

    Very enjoyable cigar, mild-medium flavour.

  41. Monday Jr

    Excellent cigar , great service , and delivery .

  42. Great Mann

    Nice flavor, great burn. Pleasant surprise

  43. Awin

    The best petite corona ever. Very decent. Consistent. Minimal settling needed after arrival. Truthfully I can’t keep my hands off of them when a new box arrives. While the first few may be lackluster It doesn’t take long for the Reyes to adjust to my humidor and become a fine smoke. Great morning wake up.

  44. Mason

    Very Satisfied!

  45. James Georges

    really enjoyed this cigar, burns great and pairs well with most drinks.

  46. Ramsey

    Ordered another box which I enjoy as my morning smoke. Mild, creamy, fragrant. Thanks.

  47. Khaled5564

    Flavorful cigar. One of the best Cuban

  48. Mahi Klaus

    Hands down my all around favourite Cuban!

  49. Pane Rigeuro

    tres bon cigars , un gout lègé , une bonne fumée octueuse , se marie tres bien avec les fromage ayant un gout pas trop gouteux dont le cheddard fort , et une bonne biere épicé ou fruité . un 25 a 35 minute de bonheur .

  50. Kenya Moore

    Perfect smoke.

  51. Jason Listic

    I love this cigar, good flavor, good burn. I will be buying a box as soon as they become available again.

  52. Tutuy

    Excellent service and product. In more than 3 years had only 1 problem on a box not arriving and this vendor replaced box fast. Cigars are first quality.

  53. Richard was here

    Very nice.

  54. Mento Galza

    5 star service and 5 star quality.

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