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The Partagas Lusitanias Cigar is has earned a agency spot as some of the iconic Cuban cigars available on the market.

It’s an especially well-liked smoke from Partagas, sporting a Prominentes vitola – it measures at 194mm with a 49 ring gauge.

Offering a full-bodied smoke, intense smoke for slightly below two hours – it’s protected to say this isn’t for the faint-hearted.

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Origin: Cuban
Manufactured: Handcrafted


Size: 194mm
Vitola de galera: Prominentes
Ring: 49


  1. Bryant A.

    Nice mild Cuban, quite enjoyed it!

  2. Bambe Bacon

    great construction, lots of smoke with an easy draw
    very earthy taste that stays constant throughout.
    good for a 45 minute sit with a strong coffee
    Well worth a try

  3. Newmann J.

    Awesome !!!

  4. Petey

    Nothing special but for the price surprisingly not bad. I’ve had some sticks three times the $7 price tag that I had to toss halfway. This was fairly smokeable the whole way. Immediate notes of grass, fading into a pretty basic tobacco flavour. Good enough to hand off to a friend who doesn’t really know cigars so you can tell them “It’s a Cuban” and keep your expensive sticks to yourself

  5. Cubano993

    Great cigar all around. Very enjoyable smoke. The only gripe is the cigars construction and uneven burn or at least the one that I had. Nonetheless it’s a great smoke for a special occasion. Will be keeping me eye out for a box when I travel to Cuba.

  6. Nosleepgxng

    These cigars are a great bang for the buck compared to some much more expensive cigars. Smooth, burn well, taste and smell amazing.

  7. Tata money

    I so enjoy these .
    Comfort can come from enjoying a small taste of good product.

  8. Milles Hennessy

    Love this cigar! Well balanced just a great smoke. Pairs exceptionally with Grande Marnier. Kick back and enjoy it.
    Burns even, full of flavour no harshness, words just dont do it justice. You need to experience it. Definately a special moment cigar.

  9. Joe Exotics

    I tend to take it really slow on cigars and these things are just perfect for that. Not too small, not too large, great construction and good draw, not to mention a great price, and great service from this company! I do recommend!

  10. Placid V.

    The cigar itself appears nice, burned well and had a great draw. Lots of smoke and good long ashes. I was not blown away with the overall taste of the cigar. Earthy coffee taste throughout. I was looking for more complexity as some reviews suggested but will smoke more of these in the future.
    Cigar Chief did a good job with processing and delivery!

  11. Karlos

    Great smoke when you don’t have a lot of time. Never disappoints but you have to draw gently lest it gets hot and tasteless. Good 15 minute treat.

  12. Cuban Don 62

    This is a definite favourite as the evenings are rare that I can enjoy a bigger stick. Although starts out bitter that quickly fades with notes of coffee and dark chocolate. Loads of flavour for such a small cigar!

  13. Evans S.

    If you’re looking for a light after dinner smoke, this one certainly comes off okay. Rather dry to the lips however it leaves a nice peppery taste in the mouth. For the price listed it does the trick.

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