Partagas Salomones “La Casa del Habano”

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Partagas Salomones “La Casa del Habano” | Partagas Salomones for sale

Box of 10s, 7 1/4 x 57 This cigar is beautifully shaped and it has a nice and warm mocha color. The wrapper is oily and has a few veins. The construction feels good. The cigar has a mild barnyard smell. The predraw is a bit hard and I taste some raisin and earth, really mild and dry. We are extremely pleased to bring you the much expected Partagas Salomones of Casa del Habano. It takes little time to realize that this is an extremely complex cigar. Mellow and sweet, it is a demanding item, extremely complex, with many aromas and a lot of body. A mild toast flavor as a support to the earth. Halfway the leather gains power again and becomes the dominant flavor. The cigar starts to get more complex and interesting. The texture is mild creamy and the aftertaste is an earth flavor. You will find some nutty flavor again with the leather and you can even taste a hint wood. LIMITED QUANTITIES Partagas Salomones “La Casa del Habano”. Partagas Salomones for sale “La Casa del Habano”

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WEIGHT 2 lbs
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29 reviews for Partagas Salomones “La Casa del Habano”

  1. Cyrus V.

    Very nice pepper hint on retro with a very nice honey note on the end. Must be the best Cuban sandwich I have ever had. Very impressed, and I don’t get impressed often!

  2. Songel

    This great.robusto is quite satisfying, and very full in flavor as well. I recommend this as a good short after dinner smoke, it definitely satisfies!

  3. Biggest Fam

    Mild smoke, very slight bite/peppery-taste. Tight draw, even burn.

  4. Kenu

    Only had one so far. Not sure how I feel about it yet

  5. Trucky

    Fast shipping. Good communication. Good quality. Great price. This cigar has been a favorite of mine for over 20 years and it is always consistently good when coming from the right source such as this one.

  6. Raoul90

    I’ve been smoking this robusto for years.
    Great unique flavours, it powers up nicely the further into the smoke you get.
    It’s never given me a reason to stop smoking it.

  7. Essen

    This is by FAR the best Cuban brand I’ve experienced. Largely due to consistency. I’ve had my share of Cohibas, Montes, Partagas, RyJ, etc but nothing compares to the smoke output and flavor profile of a Cigar! Darn near a perfect smoke every time with a smooth consistent burn nearly everytime

  8. Tonon

    Coronas is out of my expectation. Smell is very variety when I burnt first one and taste is also smooth.

  9. Lemo Hus

    The construction of the cigar was flawless, with a smooth, oily wrapper and an even burn throughout. The flavor was rich and complex, with notes of earth, leather, and spice that evolved beautifully throughout the smoke. The draw was perfect, with just the right amount of resistance to allow for a slow and leisurely smoke.

  10. Husa


  11. Noboundariespaul

    This is truly a cigar for connoisseurs, and I would highly recommend it to anyone who enjoys a premium smoke. Overall, an exceptional cigar that deserves every one of its five stars!

  12. Caman

    Top quality

  13. Monti Eric

    a good small cigar, I wasnt amazed by the cigar, but it tasted good and smoked well. I would definitely toss a few in for social smoking (as said in another review its a quick smoke (mine lasting 30-40 mins)

  14. Lats

    Always fast delivery and outstanding quality. I’ll be ordering again very soon!

  15. Alejandro

    Slightly tight draw and needs frequent correction. However the aroma and taste makes up for the not so construction. I enjoyed the cigar and will buy again.

  16. Harison

    Box arrived in Chicago in 3 weeks and in great shape. Solid (especially for the price) but not great cigar. Enjoyable earthy taste but the burn and draw on some cigars were inconsistent.

  17. Fred A

    This stick was so enjoyable! It took the flame well and remained even. Had a sweet aroma and felt well rolled. Consistent taste from foot to head. Just a bit of pepper with hard draws on the head. Good stick with decent flavour.

  18. Tononi

    Coronas is out of my expectation. Smell is very variety when I burnt first one and taste is also smooth.

  19. Chak J.

    I have had this stick 4 or 5 times now! I actually tend to stick closer to smaller sticks and this one is a great choice. A quick smoke, less than an hour. Makes great time and great flavor if you cant sit around all evening. Its not too tight and you can get a good long pull without much effort Light hints of citrus, beans, and tangy chocolate. I recommend this stick without a doubt! Good cheap cigar for a quick smoke.

  20. Benset T

    A flavorful cigar, but it didn’t burn straight I always had to adjust it. It had a nice smooth pull but the fact that I had to either heat it up for a nice even burn or take a few quick pulls just to keep it lit was a tad bit annoying. For the price it’s not terrible but there are better options.

  21. James Holmes

    Awesome cigar!!! Thank a lot!!

  22. Sama

    Terrible Cigar, Not Much Flavor, poor construction

    The wrapper was practically falling off when received

  23. Strelle admin

    Hi Damon – sorry to hear that! If you ever receive a cigar that appears damaged on arrival please let us know right away with photos so that we can correct the problem

  24. King O.

    Was okay. Didn’t enjoy much. I guess I had the one that fail the quality control draw was terrible at various stages. But when it is not the cases the experience was enjoyable.

  25. Kamambru

    Not a big fan of Cuban cigars , this one seams to be made with little love , not the worsted I’ve had but there are much better montecristos out there

  26. Raymond N.

    A true Cuban classic, everyone should at least have one or more Partagas in their humidor. Better put it on fire with a glass of old single mild scotch.Do it, boys!!!

  27. Moneymovesme

    Great tasty little cigar. Burns hot unless you draw light, but it’ll reward you with some amazing flavors. Thoroughly recommended.

  28. Melo K.

    When you consider the price, flavour, construction, and consistency, these things are amazing.

  29. Aggie Sunday

    Though I occasionally encountered a dud, most of these were creamy and tasty with notes of milk chocolate. A tip I’d recommend when smoking these is to draw on them gently to keep them from burning too hot. I found that the flavours were lost when drawing too deeply. All in all, for the price, these are very moreish.

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